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Ethan Kadish is a boy who used to go to the same private school as me. He’s four years younger, but that never really mattered. We did carpool together for seven years, and he really is like family to me.

Ethan is a great kid with a strong heart and a bright mind. When we still carpooled, we always had fun by annoying each other as much as possible—he would make annoying sounds, and I would sing or noogie him. His little sister usually just cheered us both on. When my dad was tutoring him for his Bar Mitzvah earlier this year, he and I would just chat as we waited for my ever-tardy father to get home and get to teaching him. His favorite topic was always his dog, and we would jokingly debate over who had the better pet.  

Unfortunately, when Ethan was at summer camp, he and two other kids were struck by lightning. The two others were fine, but Ethan was struck directly. Had it not been for the quick action of his counselors, he would have died. Still, due to being without oxygen for almost half an hour, he suffered brain damage, though we’re still not sure how much of it is permanent.

He was twelve when this happened, and had his thirteenth birthday in the hospital.

Ethan’s still alive now, just as determined to keep going as he always is. Though he can’t talk, he is responsive: he grunts, whines, and makes other sounds. He even smiled. Ethan is still in there. Many years of therapy will be needed in order to get him to the point of walking and talking again, and there’s a ton of medical equipment that’s needed just to keep him alive. It’s not cheap.

That’s where you come in. Click this link to the donation page, and give money to help Ethan in his fight to come back. I’m not asking for much – every dollar makes a difference. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog so that those who are able can see this and help.

Thank you for your time.