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Hello there! I'm Sealand, or Peter Kirkland, or "That one little kid-" just don't call me Pete. That sounds like an old man's name! Anyways, I hope we can be friends, and please enjoy your visit at the Principality of Sealand!
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                    Francis was more than relieved by the other’s answer, though he did not actually think Arthur would go as far as to hurt the kid. Or at least not physically. He heaved a sigh and smile up at Peter. Alright then that’s good. You’re never quite sure with this guy! Well he had good reasons to doubt the guy, to be honest. After all Spain was one of his best friends and he’s seen his friend suffer because of the damn eyebrows. Even if the French man didn’t know the child for long he still didn’t want to see him hurt, too.

                    Oh my, that wasn’t a question he should ask Francis. He’d always take it personally when another country started a war with him, even if really he knew it wasn’t the country’s fault but the Government. Though he knew that some countries just liked feeling superior … he had been there. He’d take it personally if he had been Peter as well but he couldn’t tell him that! War is war, it’s stupid and doesn’t mean anything. So I guess it doesn’t count, yes. 


                    Even if the small country kept saying that it didn’t matter and that he was fine it hurt him to hear his story. Sighing he stood up and yet again ruffled the boy’s hair — don’t ask, he just liked to do that — and knelt to be at eyes level with him. Hey it’s kinda obvious that it does matter you know? But it’s okay, mon coeur, because there are other people who like you anyways. And you can add me to that list now! 

Peter stood up a bit straighter. “Even if he wanted to hurt me, he never could. I’m way stronger than him, I bet! That Jerk wouldn’t stand a chance,” the child assured, giving a single nod, as though agreeing with himself. He may have been bragging and possibly exaggerating, but he was certainly stronger than he looked. With bones made of steel and cement, his punches and kicks hit like a brick. He would probably cry as soon as someone landed a hit on him, though.

Though he wouldn’t say it aloud, the boy was thankful that Francis isdn’t keep questioning him about his past with Arthur. The boy might tell him someday if he asked again, but for now, it was a far too sensitive topic. It was hard for him to talk about it with Latvia, let alone a Frenchman that he’d only just met. Still, as soon as the man said he liked Peter, the tiny blond broke into a huge grin and hugged him.

"Thank you! You really mean it? I’m not to annoying?" Maybe Francis could be second ally once he became a country! He’d already decided Latvia would be his first, but France could be his second. They could trade and stuff. Of course, he had to become a recognized nation first. "I like you too, so that means we’re friends now!" And that meant they could visit each other and play games and bother England as a team. He could already imagine it.

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You should teach me more Finnish! Then we can talk to each other and everyone else will have no clue what we’re saying! It’d be like a secret code, but not really that secret!



Are you sure you want to?- 

It won’t be easy. Finnish is a pretty difficult language. 

Then I’ll just have to work really hard at it! I bet I’ll catch on real fast!


{He can barely read and write English. This probably won’t go well, but he’ll damn well try his best}

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Even then, it still sounds silly-


Alright, Peter. I like it-

Good work. 

You should teach me more Finnish! Then we can talk to each other and everyone else will have no clue what we’re saying! It’d be like a secret code, but not really that secret!

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"I know it must be very difficult for you to take in, Peter. I hadn’t thought of revealing my Angelic nature to you, but even Angels are capable of making mistakes." He smiled sheepishly as he lightly scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. 

Samandriel found himself pulling the boy into a hug at his kind offer of a place to stay. “Thank you, Peter. That is very kind of you to offer your place. It must be very lonely being here by yourself. Maybe that is why I came. Maybe I sensed a lonely soul who just needed someone to cheer them up and… erm… ‘hang out’ with.” 

His wings fanned out a bit more; while he couldn’t physically manifest them on to the current plane of existence, he did allow a bit of a current of air to brush against the boy’s hands. As he marveled at the boy’s wonderment, Samandriel’s brows furrowed together in confusion. 

Not…. human? But he’s not a descendent of an Alpha. He’s no demon. Not a Nephil. What is he?

Dude, I don’t know. I don’t have the answers! 

"Peter, when you said you aren’t human, what are you?" 

A hug. Though the boy was a bit surprised, he certainly didn’t mind. Peter hugged back gently. “It’s fine, really. I’m used to it, I guess.” A blatant lie. There was nothing quite as soul-shakingly terrifying as being alone in the vast emptiness of the open sea. He’d learned to deal with the fear, but not get rid of it. He cleaned, he called Raivis, and just generally kept busy. If he ran out of things to do, he just did it all over again. It was better than worrying that he’d be stuck on his own forever.

Peter couldn’t seem to be able to grasp the wings, but feeling the soft breeze from them flapping made the child squeal. “Oh, that’s so cool! I wish I had wings! I bet it’s a lot of fun to fly around and stuff.” He could go wherever he wanted if he had wings. Maybe he could make friends with birds or something. Plus, feathers were usually soft, right? So it would probably feel nice to cuddle into them. He’d have a built-in sleeping bag!

The question broke his thoughts. It didn’t really matter if Samandriel knew, right? He was an angel. Surely it wouldn’t shock him too much.

"I’m the Principality of Sealand in the flesh! A personification, I think it’s called. My best friend is Latvia, and my big brother is England, but I don’t like him much."

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You must not weigh much, huh?-

Maybe they just aren’t as painful ‘cause you’re so small. 


Actually, I weigh quite a bit! Having steel bones does that, you know. And I’m not small! I’m just not a crybaby!

I’m here~! I’m in Israel and I’ve got an apartment with 4 other girls. It’s been really cool! Not literally, though. It’s hot as balls here, Worse yet, the air conditioning is broken. But I got the WiFi to work! FINALLY! I’ll do as many replies as I can tonight!


Won’t be on for the next few days. Too busy moving to Israel and settling in. I probably won’t be as active after this, but I’ll still try to reply at least a few times a week!

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/Considering this was mildly in line with something she’d be trying anyway…/ You can try to teach me, if you want. I can’t promise being a good student or any of that. At best I’ll be an annoying student, actually.


Consider it a test of sorts. I’ll be attempting something soon anyway. So.. you’ve caught my interests on the matter. Very fleeting interests. But interests nonetheless.

I’m sure you’ll be a great student, as long as you’re not mean or anything!Then again, that’s why I’m teaching you, isn’t it? I don’t really know how to teach someone to be more friendly. Maybe if we hang out and stuff, some of my niceness will rub off on you! Learning by example and all that. And in return, you can teach me to be a nation!

Though, I suppose that might not be the best idea, since you haven’t really gotten down how to be friendly yet.

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2. First date

[I kid you not, that’s what came up. Oh my gosh.] “Peter!” The Italian ran to the blonde and embraced him tightly, a look of guilt on his face. “I’m so sorry! My boss has been working me really hard, I’m so sorry for not calling you! I wish to make it up to you somehow!”

Feliciano nodded with a smile, more than happy to be able to teach Peter to be more connected to the sea around him. When it came to the offer to make him stronger, the Italian was confused about how to handle it as well. If training yielded little results, what would? “Well, maybe there’s a way to teach me how to defend myself better. Bullies haven’t been a problem lately, but there might be a time when I need the extra protection.”

"Maybe… I dunno how to teach it though. I mean, I could copy how England taught me, but that was so long ago. I don’t think I could remember it all." He actually didn’t remember any of his lessons. Self-defense was just a natural, automatic reaction for the kid. "I can try, though!"

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[nods quickly]


Yeah! Yeah, that’s the word! Iskä Suomi! Does that sound better?

[his accent is a bit off, but he’s trying]

[He notices, but finds his attempts adorable-]

It’s perfect. 


Great! Then from now on, you’ll be Iskä Suomi!

Iskä Suomi and Papa Sve! And I guess I’ll still be Peter, since calling someone ‘son’ just sounds silly. Only people in movies make that work, I think.

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