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Hello there! I'm Sealand, or Peter Kirkland, or "That one little kid-" just don't call me Pete. That sounds like an old man's name! Anyways, I hope we can be friends, and please enjoy your visit at the Principality of Sealand!
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((Uhm… who are you? No offense or anything! I’m just not used to getting anons, and I’d really like to know who you are))

Should I just delete? As far as I can tell, everyone seems to have forgotten about me. There’s another Peter blog that people tend to like more, and I’m constantly worrying that I’m annoying people. I’m starting to think that everyone would be better off if I just left.

Should I just delete? I feel like this blog is dead. Hardly anyone RPs with me anymore, and almost every time I ask someone, they say no or ignore me.

I love playing Peter, and I’m approaching my second year playing him on this Tumblr account, but I don’t know what to do…

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The Doctor and the Country || closed



"What did you show him?" Peter asked, wondering how they were allowed in.

"Psychic pap-a!" With a grin, he waved the psychic paper. "Shows him everything I want him to see."

"Oh… Cool!" Peter grinned. "I want some of that! I bet I could do lots of stuff with it."



"Well, I guess the first step would be getting land, right?" She explained, trying to humor him. "You don’t need as much as me, more like Luxemborg. Then, just be so obnoxious and expensive that England decides you aren’t worth the effort. That’s what I did at least…"

"I’m already independent of him!" Peter assured. "He’s not allowed to own me without breaking a bunch of rules! Since I’m seven nautical miles off the coast, I’m on international waters. Plus, he decided I wasn’t worth the effort a long time ago, so that bit’s settled. The land part is where I’m having some trouble…” He thought for a moment, a wide grin spreading over his face as he looked up at Maddie.

"You! You could give me land! You have a ton! I only need, like, five square kilometers or so, yeah? just gotta be bigger than Vatican City and Monaco.”

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Fluff Please! [because it's been way too long]




2. First date

[I kid you not, that’s what came up. Oh my gosh.] “Peter!” The Italian ran to the blonde and embraced him tightly, a look of guilt on his face. “I’m so sorry! My boss has been working me really hard, I’m so sorry for not calling you! I wish to make it up to you somehow!”

"Alright. If you say so!" Peter giggled. The chef’s special… the name alone sounded so fancy! The blond boy kissed Feliciano’s cheek with a quick peck, trying to reassure him that he was alright, even if the comments had embarrassed him. The micronation scooted closer to the Italian personification. "Thanks a lot for taking me out, especially to somewhere so nice! I promise I’ll pay you back when I can, okay?"

Feliciano lightly blushed and smiled back at the blonde. “You’re welcome, Peter, but you don’t owe me any payment. This is a special day for the both of us, so don’t worry about that. Let’s just have fun!” He declared happily. Right then a server returned to their table with two big plates of whole lobster with a side of melted butter for each of them, carefully setting them down in front of the nations. “Here you are, the chef’s special for each of you. Buon appetito~” The server bowed with a calm smile before he left them alone, leaving Feliciano to admire their orders. “Oh wow! The lobsters have gotten much bigger!”

Peter stared at the plate with wide eyes. There was no way he could eat all of that. What did they feed the lobsters here? Toxic waste and gamma rays? The ones he’d had before were always a lot smaller. “The lobsters here are weird,” the micronation mused, poking his food cautiously with his fork. With a shrug, he began to eat. Weird or not, smelled great. With a soft him and a grin, he looked at Feliciano. “You’re right! The food is really yummy!”

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Stranger in the Park



"Don’t worry! Even if I fall off, I’ll be fine!" Peter called back. It took him a moment to realize his mistake. Well, now Castiel would be able to find him easily! Yelling out like that wasn’t exactly the best way of staying hidden. That isn’t the most of his worries, though. It isn’t long before he’s knocked over by a strong gust of wind. He really hadn’t thought this through.

"Time out! I’m coming back in!" Well, if he could get up without being pushed down again.

Castiel frowns. The weather was less than friendly for any kind of play outside. “Peter. Please be careful.” His mind isn’t even on their game at the moment. He lets out a breath of relief as Peter yells that he is coming back inside. “Good. I do not think it wise for either of us to be outside. Perhaps we should play a game that doesn’t require us to be outside for more space?”

Peter stumbled inside as quickly as his little legs could take him in. The boy set down his water gun and grabbed Castiel’s hand. heading back to his room. “I’ve got rope. We could have a jump rope competition! I’ve got board games, but I don’t like them much. All of them have reading, math, or are super boring. I’ve got a chess set, but I don’t like playing that much anymore…” He pouted. What were they supposed to do? All of the fun games needed a lot of room. The tiny blond looked up at Castiel. “What do you do for fun?”

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I’m back! I’m sorry for being gone for so long. The people I was petsitting for were gone longer than expect- their flight out of Israel got cancelled due to a bomb threat. But now they’re home, which means I’m home!

I’ll be back and begin replied on Wednesday or Thursday


Hetalia: The Beautiful World - Official Clip - America and Japan’s Co-Habitation!

Why is no one discussing the fact that it’s now canon that America says “YOLO?”