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Hello there! I'm Sealand, or Peter Kirkland, or "That one little kid-" just don't call me Pete. That sounds like an old man's name! Anyways, I hope we can be friends, and please enjoy your visit at the Principality of Sealand!
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Forgotten (OPEN RP)

The floorboard creaked and groaned with every step as tiny feet paced the room. No, this couldn’t be right. There had to have been at least one, right? He checked the phone records again, then the calendar. No messages on or after September 2nd. Not a single one. Had it really been twenty days already? Surely there had to be some misunderstanding. None of this was right. Finally growing tired of pacing, the child fell back onto his cot and stared at the ceiling.

He’d given them time. Nations were busy — maybe no one could call, visit, or send gifts on the day of — but twenty days had been a pretty lenient waiting period. If no one made contact by now, they probably weren’t planning to at all. Sure, he wasn’t too surprised over all, but the Nordics? Latvia? The other micronations? Hell, maybe even England?

Had they really all just forgotten Peter’s birthday?

"Maybe I haven’t been loud enough," he mused. Maybe he really did have to annoy them. Sure, he’d be labeled as an annoying brat even more so than he already was, but that was better than being entirely ignored, wasn’t it? He had to be louder, more insistent, more determined! He would just have to get out there and show that Sealand cannot be so easily dismissed, especially now that he’s another year older!

For now, though, he’d lay in bed and try to figure out why even those closest to him didn’t bother with a gift, visit, or even a simple phone call.


I’m sure he’d love to, dear, but—

You’re going to have to learn how, first. Learning languages can be difficult. It’s words, yes- But it’s also grammar and pronunciation. 



I know, but I’m not stupid! Even if it’s kinda hard, I’ll be able to learn whatever you teach me! Pronunciation will be easy if I practice enough and grammar I can figure out later in the classes.  I really don’t see why it would be that difficult!

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Part 4 of my poop translations! 

some Help from (x) again! Very much useful indeed u w u <3 thank you so much! 

((This is also how it is in Israel, too. Just today, I nearly got hit by a small car while walking on the sidewalk. Certain areas even have beams between the street and sidewalk in hopes of keeping cars on the actual road. Motorcyclists go between them just to show off to car-drivers “HEY! I can get on the sidewalk and you can’t!”))

Just realized that I forgot to celebrate Peter’s birthday on the 2nd and the 2-year anniversary of this blog on the 5th


But since no one else mentioned it, I might make a starter with Peter being pissed that no one remembered his birthday



But it’s not ungodly painful! It’s like stepping on a rock- A sharp and bumpy. You’re making a big deal out of nothing!

I could step on a million legos and I wouldn’t even yell a bit! So, I must be way tougher than you.

Oh, really?—


Ya think so?

Well, yeah! I can handle some dumb ol’ Legos! Stepping on them isn’t that bad. I’d bet a hundred pounds that I could walk on a bunch of them and not cry or shout.


I’m just that tough.

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ooc ramblings and life update

Three of my roommates are never around, and then the fourth one [who I may or may not be majorly crushing on] just sits and skypes with her parents and friends during her free time. And she does it in front of me because I can’t understand anything that she says because she’s Finnish. I always worry that she’s talking about me right in front of me tbh. I majorly impressed her when I said “Finland is actually called Suomi, right? Like, in Finnish, I mean?” YAY Hetalia made me learn a thing that impressed a person! Also, I found that she likes chocolate. Giving her chocolate bars as presents is the best way to see her smile so I do it a lot

When we went to Golan Heights, I followed her everywhere because she kept on walking to the edge of cliffs to take photographs. I had to follow. If she fell, I needed to be ready to grab her. I’m so over protective it’s kinda pathetic. And when she leaves for martial arts classes, I always wait for her because I’m so worried about her walking home alone at night. And just… I have a problem *flops* She hasn’t suspected a thing, though! Most people just see my as the awkward fat friend, so no one suspects my constant wish to hug her and nuzzle her face and maybe kiss and go on pretty dates and basically anything romantic that isn’t sexual—

But anyways, classes are going well! My 2nd cousin teaches three of my classes *cue “It’s a Small World”* And the guy who owns my favorite falafel place is going to have his first kid, and since I was there when he received the news  from his wife, I got free falafel. There’s a stray cat near th3e apartment who looks EXACTLY like IggyCat/UKitty. It’s an orange and white Scottish fold with green eyes. Another stray that I see around a lot is a little cream-colored kitten with a blue eye. The second eye is missing. It probably got torn out in a fight.

Also, the drivers here are INSANE. People on motorcyles will go onto the sidewalk to try and get around cars, and some cars also try to. It’s a disaster I s2g.

Anyways, that’s all for now!

ONE LAST THING!!! Would any Supernatural or Doctor Who blogs like to RP? I need a fix from my two other fave fandoms, and I love seeing Peter interact with crossover characters


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+3 Entered the Meeting


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Welcome to the mansion. It’s nearly daytime, so we should try to get out of the open, alright? Please follow me, and ask minimal questions.


Why would we have to stay out of the open? What’s going on? Is something wrong? {So much for not asking questions}

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"Uh, yeah, I think so. You do talk a lot, so it’s probably come up before, I think. Wouldn’t mind hearing it again though!" He had no idea why the Dane suddenly felt the need to bring this up, but he certainly couldn’t complain. Peter loved getting attention. "And I love you lots back! That’s why we’re family!"


{♚} —⇀ “Just in case I haven’t said it enough times; I love ye very much!” Patting the other’s head he smiled brightly. "Did yer parents let ye come all this way on yer own?" Even if they weren’t exactly human, Denmark still worried about the little guy from time to time. 


"Well, I… I didn’t really tell them. I mean, it’s not like they’ll know! I’m almost always at Sealand, not with them. I’m sure they won’t mind," the boy reassured. Unless they called the little sea fort and didn’t get an answer, they’d have no way of knowing that he left. "Why would I have to tell them, anyways? I’m a country! I can go places on my own!"

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                    Francis was quite surprised by the boy’s sudden excitment. Not in a bad way, however. It was surprising to see someone getting so excited by the simple fact of befriending him and frankly that boosted his ego. It was incredible how children could get happy for the silliest things. And look, it looks like the kid’s happiness was contageous for Francis started to laugh and shake his head slightly.


                    Alright, alright. We’ll do whatever you want to! He couldn’t help the grin on his face at the idea of showing his country to someone else who had apparently no idea how it even was to begin with. It would be like guiding a tourist through Paris and show them the most important places of the city. He thought for a moment, picturing where they could go and what they could possibly visit without Peter breaking some important and valuable things. You’ll love France. He started,There are really amazing places everywhere — not only in Paris, too! Though to be honest I’d love to visit Sealand.

                    And he meant that. Francis had seen quite a few countries, met them, talked to them, visited them — but he’d never taken the time to even think about Sealand. Which was a shame really, the more countries you’ve visited the more you discover about the world, right?

Peter was practically bouncing. “Really?” Francis actually wanted to come and see Sealand? Most of the other nations found it boring, or at least the ones who actually came did. In all fairness, there wasn’t much to do, but he’d make sure that the Frenchman enjoyed himself. He’d be a bad host if he let his guests get bored, after all.


"It’s the best! You definitely have to come. I hope you don’t mind helicopters, though! The only ways to get on are by boat or helicopter, and boat is kinda hard," the child explained. "I’m getting lessons on how to fly the helicopter, too! I’m not actually allowed to since I might break it, but it’s really cool!"

And he could come see France! He’d been through the country before when he was heading to Italy to visit Seaborga, but he never had the chance to stop and look around. With the nation himself as a tourguide, Peter knew it would be the best trip ever. Of course, he couldn’t come now— he’d have to plan and pack and make sure someone was home to watch the fort.  Maybe Francis could come visit him right away, though.

"Can you come visit now?"

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Grammar doesn’t matter much, I don’t think. Half of the nations have bad grammar, but people still listen to them! I just need to be able to, you know, say stuff. Words! Lots of words!


If you want to learn the words, you’re going to have to learn the grammar, Peter—


[maybe ‘no’ would’ve been a good idea]


Oh, fine. I’ll learn grammar too, I guess. I don’t see why it’s important, though! As long as I’ve got the right words, people can figure out what I mean, right?

Maybe Papa can teach me Swedish, too.